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Blvd of DreamsThe Boulvard of Dreams is located in Zzyzx!

Zzyzx (pronounced 'zy-zx') was approved as a place name on June 14, 1984. It is alphabetically the last United States place name.

'Zzyzx' is the magic parameter used for 'height' (in GDL), and if you use it, the height will be displayed in the Info Box Palette.

Objects with zzyzx can be stretchy in the 3D view - a 3D hotspot set will appear at the height specified by zzyzx and if you grab the spots, the 'pet palette' displays a 'stretch vertically' option.
("The GDL Cookbook 3" by David Nicholson-Cole)

The GDL-variable "zzyzx" is derived from this fazcinating location
in the Mojave Desert in California.

Zzyzx StoreToday, this bold and bizzare dream, the resort town of Zzyzx, looks like a ghost town with a central "Boulvard of Dreams" (a divided gravel parkway).
Blvd of Dreams

The last WordCurtis Howe Springer, who called himself a physician and Methodist minister. invented the name "Zzyzx" renaming the former "Soda Springs" in 1944. He build a hotel, a church, a health spa, a castle, a radio station and several other buildings in the middle of the desert.
A daily program with religous and health issues, which was broadcast from the radio studio at Zzyzx Springs, was at its height carried by 221 radio stations in the US and 102 more in other countries.

His "Resort" could still be operating today if it wasn't build on land that was not owned by him. Federal marshals finally evicted him in 1974 for alleged violations of food and drug laws and unauthorized use of federal land.

Since 1976, Zzyzx houses the Desert Studies Center, a teaching and research station from the California State University system.
Desert Studies Consortium

In the center of the 'town' is a small pond which is home to endangered species of fish.

Fish pond
Dry Soda LakeDuring 1860, it was a US Army outpost (called Hancock's Redoubt)

There is evidence of prehistoric and historic activity such as prehistoric quarry sites and artifacts of ancient man (projectile points / rock art / historic Mojave Road / remnants of wagon raod stop / evaporative salt mining / mill sites / Tonapah and Tidewater Railroad which closed 1938)

Zzyzx Road Sign
The exit to the Zzyzx - Road is approximatly midway between Los Angeles and Las Vegas on the Mojave Freeway (I-15).

Zzyzx Road

The bumpy gravel road curves along the shore of Soda Dry Lake (elevation 938 feet) for about 4 miles.

In the "Virtual Guidebooks",
a very nice VR-Panorama of Zzyzx-Road can be found.

Zzyzx Road MapZzyzx is on the western edge of the Mojave National Preserve.

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