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News Release


The ARX application lets AutoCAD users work with intelligent and fully parametric GDL objects directly in their designs
CHICAGO, A/E/C Systems Show—June 19, 2001—GDL Technology releases the free version of its GDL Object Adapter today at the AEC Systems show in Chicago.

The GDL Object Tools (Object Web Plug-in, Object Publisher, Object Adapter, Object Explorer and SalesCAD) offer a powerful delivery environment for GDL product catalogs, which will be further enhanced and made available for a broader range of clients due to the free version of the GDL Object Adapter for AutoCAD.

With the GDL Object Adapter, AutoCAD users can place intelligent parametric GDL objects in their projects and edit them at will. The Adapter provides AutoCAD users with an easy-to-navigate interface with 2D or 3D representations of objects and their full parameter sets. The free adapter comes with one library with 20 GDL objects – including both parametric general and real branded GDL objects from several product manufacturers.

Once an object is chosen and placed in the project, the user can edit it and modify size, color, material or behavior parameters at any time. The Favorites palette stores the most used GDL objects, and features drag and drop GDL capability. The GDL Object Adapter, in conjunction with the GDL Object Web Plug-in, also allows users to drag and drop GDL objects directly from a website into the AutoCAD environment. Thanks to the HTML list functionality of the GDL Object Adapter, URLs can be attached to objects. Objects can also contain a user interface to ease the selection of parameters for the object. This is very useful for building component manufacturers, who can embed guidelines and help functions inside each object.

Among the benefits of using GDL objects are the compact file size (generally 50-100 times smaller than DWG/DXF); parametric nature (one single GDL object can represent hundreds of variations of a building product); and the fact that it is an open technology (easy to create, edit and maintain). GDL objects can be used directly in CAD and design software, through native GDL support (ArchiCAD, ArchiFM, GDL SalesCAD), adapting technology (GDL Object Adapter for AutoCAD) or through built-in export filters to static formats like DWG, DXF, IFC 1.5/2.0, 3DS and more. The branded products will be an integral part of the building design process, where they enhance the quality and lower the time it takes to produce construction drawing and documents.

The free version of the GDL Object Adapter can be downloaded from or ordered from any authorized GDL solution partner around the world. An upgrade to a full single license version can be purchased for 150 USD, or obtained from building component manufacturers that have licensed the GDL Object Adapter to deliver their GDL object catalogs.

ABOUT GDL Technology
GDL Technology is a technology and service provider for component manufacturers in the building industry. GDL objects are based on a scripting language that makes it possible to describe real building components with a lifecycle management approach. GDL Technology's development center and headquarters is based in Budapest, Hungary, with branch offices in the United Kingdom, Germany and the United States. Today, more than 100 manufacturers in the building industry are already publishing iCatalogs, with more than 20,000 GDL objects describing 300,000 real life-building components.
Users of the GDL technology and tools include Villeroy & Boch, Skandiform, Leaderflush/Shapland, Porsche, Velux, Wilkhan, Baumax-x, Wiesner-Hager, Materia, Skanska, YIT, Kajima and Horreds.

More information about GDL Technology is available at
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